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Surf Academy T-shirt | Adult Women

Surf Academy T-shirt | Adult Women

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Awesome t-shirt with a great soft feel to it. The T-shirts are very durable and we used the best garment blanks we could source, please see more information below:

At Kingsley Surf Academy, we are committed to supporting sustainability, which is why we have chosen Stanley Stella as our garments provider. Sustainability is one of our core values, alongside Excellence and Innovation. We believe in creating positive and empowered environments where consideration for people, the planet, and society is integrated into our everyday decisions and actions.

To ensure our commitment to sustainability, we have discussed with the Earth Centre department the importance of producing eco-conscious garments for our surfers and their families. After careful consideration, we found that Stanley Stella, in collaboration with a local printing company called Silk Crystal, offers the best choice for achieving this goal. They use eco-friendly as well as very durable inks and prioritize sustainable practices. More information about the garments can be found on their website:

Stanley Stella has a dedicated sustainability team at their Brussels headquarters, consisting of four individuals who work on long-term sustainability strategies and implement short-term actions. Their aim is to embed sustainability across all functions and levels of the company. In Dhaka, a team of three people closely monitors and collaborates with partner factories on a daily basis. Recently, new offices have been opened in Dhaka, following the same sustainability principles as the Brussels headquarters, focusing on sustainable materials and energy efficiency. Additionally, in Beijing, the China Operations Manager oversees sustainability-related compliance obligations with local suppliers, and in India, a Cotton Sourcing Specialist supervises local operations.

By using Stanley Stella and making a conscious effort to source the most eco-conscious brand available to us at this time, we aim to ensure that our garments not only meet high-quality standards but also adhere to sustainable practices. Together, we strive to make a positive impact on our community, the environment, and society as a whole.

Thank you for your continued support as we work towards a more sustainable future.
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