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Kingsley Devon Surf Club

Kingsley Devon Surf Club

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Become part of the Kingsley Devon Surf Club and take advantage of our top-notch Surf Academy facilities.


  • Each participants must have a Surfing England membership, follow the link to sign up: Kingsley Devon Surf Club | SE Membership (Valid for 1 year)
  • TIMINGS are different on some dates DUE TO TIDES
  • In case of cancelation an email will be sent out and there will be no charge.

Our commitment extends beyond the waves, aiming to provide every child, from 8* to 17 years old, with the opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive within the surfing world. We offer unparalleled support for national and local competitions and foster talents beyond surfing itself, including coaching, photography, and shaping, ensuring a well-rounded development in the surfing industry. 



☀️ Summer 2 _ 3rd Jun 2024 - 5th Jul 2024
Sat 8th Jun – SURF CLUB | Timings: 09:00-12:00 | Drop off & Pick up: Surf Academy
Sat 15th Jun – SURF CLUB | Timings: 09:00-12:00 | Drop off & Pick up: Surf Academy
Sat 22nd Jun – SURF CLUB | Timings: 09:00-12:00 | Drop off & Pick up: Surf Academy
Sat 29th Jun – SURF CLUB | Timings: 09:00-12:00 | Drop off & Pick up: Surf Academy

Timings: Saturday mornings, tides dependant all timings are listed above

Drop off & Pick up: Drop off and pick up will be at Kingsley Devon, Surf Academy

Located at the bottom of main car park on the Kingsley Devon Campus, Northdown Road, EX39 3JR 

Who can join?: Anyone between the ages of 8 to 17 years old*.

Our expert instructors specialize in maximizing the potential of junior surfers on North Devon's incredible coastline. During our lessons, surfers will gain water confidence, discover coastal knowledge, and improve their surfing skills. In case of unfavorable surf conditions, our outstanding facilities offer alternative options for on-land progression, such as SurfSkate and SurfFit. Our tailored approach prioritizes safety while ensuring an enjoyable and comprehensive learning experience for all.

* Younger surfers can join but this will be to the discretion of the coaching team to see if they have the ability and autonomy required to join the sessions. Contact us for more info.

Instructors and Volunteers: Experienced passionate senior instructors

We are proud to say that our instructors and volunteers are some of the most experienced and passionate in the South West. With a combined total of over 35 y of experience in the surf scene, our instructors love introducing others to the joy of surfing. 

Aym Dupuy, with over 15 years of coaching experience in Brittany and North Devon, UK, he is a passionate and seasoned surf coach. As the Surfing Director at Kingsley Devon, he is dedicated to providing high-quality learning experiences. He is also a water surf photographer. He strives to create a fun and safe environment, enabling students to become their best selves in the world of surfing.

Nick "Red" Flint , experienced surf instructor, surfboard shaper, and the Vice UK bodysurfing Champion, is a highly respected figure in the UK surf scene. With years of surfing experience, he possesses extensive knowledge of various surfboard types. Nick's kind nature and excellent rapport with students have earned him respect within the surf community. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, Red is the perfect choice for an exceptional surfing experience.

Lil Burrows brings a wealth of experience to the team, with 20 years as a physiotherapist and a decade specifically in sports physiotherapy. Her expertise in strength, conditioning, and biomechanics makes her a vital asset to surfers aiming to improve their physical performance and prevent injuries. As a Level 1 surf judge, Lil understands the technical aspects of surfing and appreciates the nuances of competitive performance.

Greg Norman, is a lifelong longboarder with years of competition experience, making him a standout in the local surf scene. His technical expertise in longboarding is excellent. He is a recognised and trusted surfer and a team rider for the renowned Tiki Surf brand. Greg's deep understanding of longboarding techniques and strategies makes him an invaluable coach for those looking to excel in the sport. 

Ed Hay is a highly skilled shortboarder with a profound level of surfing expertise, making him an exceptional teacher, especially for students focused on enhancing the performance aspect of their surfing. His reputation as a proficient surfer is further solidified by his role as a King of Kooks Team rider. Ed's comprehensive understanding of shortboarding techniques and his ability to impart this knowledge make him an indispensable coach for those aspiring to advance in the sport.

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