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Easter Holidays Surf Lessons BOOK NOW!

Easter Holidays Surf Lessons BOOK NOW!

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Meet at Kingsley Devon and surf at Westward Ho! one of the safest beaches in the UK, the Kingsley Devon Surf Academy offers the opportunity to learn to surf with experienced instructors and all the necessary equipment included. With transport included to and from the beach, everyone aged 8 to 17 can make the most of the surf lesson and learn a new skill in a beautiful and safe location. The Kingsley Devon Surf Academy guarantees a fun and safe experience, to make the most of the waves in a supported environment. 

Drop off & Pick up: Kingsley Devon, Surf Academy (Located at the bottom of main car park), Northdown Road, EX39 3LY 

We offer the best surfing experience imaginable in a beautiful, spacious surf academy. Our facility includes a surf fit area, coaching space, and a shaping bay. It is the perfect environment for learning and honing your surf skills. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors provide the highest quality instruction in a fun and supportive atmosphere. We will provide transportation to and from the beach each day and ensure a safe, rewarding experience. Let us help you develop your surf skills and gain confidence in the waves!

Who can join?: Anyone between the ages of 8 to 17 years old.

Our surfing lessons for junior surfers are tailored to maximize their enjoyment and safety. Our instructors specialize in providing surfers between the ages of 8 and 17 with all the skills and techniques they need to make the most of the beautiful waves of Westward Ho. With our lessons, young surfers can learn the basics, practice their skills and develop the confidence to take on the waves. Our experienced instructors will make sure your children have the best surfing experience possible!

Our instructors: Experienced passionate senior instructors

We are proud to say that our instructors are some of the most experienced and passionate in the South West. With a combined total of over 35 y of experience in the surf scene, our instructors love introducing others to the joy of surfing. 

Nick Flint is an experienced and respected individual in the UK surf scene who is both a surf instructor and a surfboard shaper. Nick has been surfing for years and is well-versed in all types of surfboards, from traditional shapes to more alternative boards. He is also a great bodysurfer, highly knowledgeable and always kind. He has a great rapport with his students and has earned the respect of many in the surf community. Nick is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to learn how to surf or improve their skills.

Aym Dupuy is an experienced and passionate surf coach with more than 15 years of experience coaching in Brittany and North Devon, UK. He currently serves as the Surfing Director at Kingsley Devon, and in his free time, he enjoys photography, particularly water photography. His years of surf coaching experience have enabled him to perfect his skills and provide his students with a high-quality learning experience. He is dedicated to helping and enabling his students to become the best surfers they can be and strives to create a learning environment that is fun and safe.

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